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  • Your music is your art? You think i should value it?

    Then why don’t you value mine? Asking bout a cover then disappearing when i mention the words monetary compensation?

    Don’t think you know a damn thing about valuing someone’s art. So better not come to me with that bullshit.

    Watched ninja turtles last night. Exactly what i expected and hoped for.

    If you plan to go see it expecting a serious movie pull your head out of your ass, because you are infinitely more ridiculous as a person, than the premise of mutated crime fighting turtle ninjas.

    Woke up this morning ready for work till i stepped out of bed and my ankle buckled.

    Mustve sprained it last night.

    Gonna be a fun day of climbing ladders and walking today at work.

    My boss bought an air compressor yesterday.

    It broke today.

    She bought it because the last one broke Friday.

    And another one broke earlier this month.

    3 pieces of equipment at 500 a piece not including tax.

    Yet she insists on buying the exact same ones every time.


    gonna write up some paperwork so people stop trying to get to to do work for “promo” when money agreements have already been made.

    shit i already have to take deposits so people don’t try to fuck around and lose their money

    How is someone representing a university the least organized client i have ever been approached by?

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